Bajau People of Wakatobi


Also known as the Sea Gypsy, the elderly people of Bajau few years ago wandering between islands of north Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philipine. Here’s our story when visiting the Bajau Village at Wakatobi.

Bajau People of Wakatobi

That’s why they are borderless and not identified from their nationality. As nomads, they live on their small wooden boat with their family, and barely go to the shore unless to sell their catch and to buy some supplies.

In this video, Wet Traveler visit one Bajau traditional village located in Hoga island. Hoga island is one of the islands of Wakatobi, a regency in south east Sulawesi.

When the Bajau live on an island they build their wooden houses literally above the sea, and connect their houses with small bridge that only fit for two person. The pole of the houses can be as hight as about 4 meter, the height that they believe is perfect during high tide, and not to high for them to reach the water using the ‘timba’ (bucket for water).

The bond between Bajau people and the ocean are so strong. They will feel sick if they have to live on land. Parents introduce the ocean to their babies from their early age. No wonder the ocean is their playground.

Our video during visiting the Bajau village at Wakatobi

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