Kalabahi bay in Alor

The day still early, and the fog between the hills in the distance is still hanging low, when our boat start to roam and make it’s way to came out from the Kalabahi bay.

Alor island lies at the north side of Timor island and can be reached easily by small airplane from Kupang, the capitol city of Nusa Tenggara Timur, which also located in TImor.

Alor is one of the top diving destination in Indonesia due to it’s amazing corals, pelagic, and visibility.


Here’s some of the top diving sites in Alor

Bubu of Alor

  1. Babylon

Amazing and healhty coral developed along the walls and overhangs with 25-30 meter visibility. That day we were so lucky as a local traditional fisherman started to plunge his Bubu (traditional fish trap made of bamboo) into the water.

They were trained since their young age to dive without any gear for a long period of time. This Bubu will let the reef fish swim in easily as the entry holes are quite big and the holes becoming smaller in the other end.

Then the fishermen will take only fish according to the required amount needed, and release the rest.

Diving Alor

2. Mike’s Delight

It has slope contour with colorfull corals. Make sure you are ready to dive in the current although the Dive Master will plan for the best condition.

We met an elegant sea snake, swimming calmly towards us and decided to surfacing to take a breath.

Diving in AlorAlor amazing coral

3. Aquarium

Very clear, perfect visibility, means this site is a bit colder than the others. Basically diving in Alor tend to be a bit colder than other part of Indonesia.

Eventhou you are expecting wide angle object here, but prepare to see some cute creatures too. Aquarium is a home a curious eel who keep looking to my camera.

4. Clown Valley

Located in Kepa island, this site is famous with it’s anemone that spread all over the sea floor. Get ready to meet the nemos!

How about if you decide to to dive? Don’t worry, the kids in the village will happily come to you and swim together.

nudibranch of Alor

5. School’s Out

Got it’s name because there’s a school located at the shore just next to where your boat anchoring. I wonder if the kids will jump to the water after the school is finished (it was sunday when I was there)

It started with sandy slope, boomies were spotted here and there then coral getting packed when we go deeper.

The reef fish look so busy and seems like they don’t really care about the divers.

It’s just a small part of Alor underwater, if you keen to read more about Alor, check Gemala’s page during her trip to Alor.

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What to do during No Flight Time?

Takpala Village in Alor

Visiting Takpala Village

Takpala Village located pretty high up on the hill as we can can cast a view to the shore and hills on the other side of Alor island.

The villagers still retain their customs, inherited from their ancestors. No wonder we feel like we were entering a different era in Takpala.

They welcoming us with a circular dance and ask us to join the circle, dancing while the canting constantly chirping.

Here’s a video when we are diving in Alor

How to get to Alor?

Take flight to Kupang and than continue to Alor ( Mali airport).

Normally there’s two flight from Kupang : 08.40 and 12.15 buat you always can check by yourself.

Check by Traveloka or tiket.com

The dive operators

Dive Alor Dive


La P’tite Kepa


Alor Dive


Alor Divers


Best Above and Underwater of Alor

How long is your longest wave? I bet one minute is absolutlety long for regular surf. Bono wave can give you 2 hours total of surfing!

Surfing Bono

Experienced surfing Bono about 3 years ago, Gemala still remember the excitement of the super long wave durinng riding along the Kampar river.

Bono, the name they gave to the wave, located near Meranti Village in the remote area of Riau province. Took about 4 hours driving from Pekanbaru. The car can be rent from Pekanbaru or Teluk Meranti.

Some season will have a perfect size wave like more than 3 foot, and some months will have smaller wave. Be ready with all condition, don’t leave your loangboard behind as you need it for small wave.

surfing bono_1


  • The rooms will have basic fasilities (as you yan see in the video. Don’t expect too much, but they cn give you the longest wave in your live.
  • The bathroom using the water directly from the river, so always use the water bottle at least to brush your teeth.
  • No aircon in the room, protect your self from the mosquito by bring a mosquito repelent or a net.
  • Never left the sunscreen behind.
  • A hat or something to cover up your head during hours at the river is a wise one.

surfing bono_wet traveler

The video of our trip to bono

For more info about Surfing Bono, don’t hesitate to contact the local operator.

Surfing Bono


Also known as the Sea Gypsy, the elderly people of Bajau few years ago wandering between islands of north Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philipine. Here’s our story when visiting the Bajau Village at Wakatobi.

Bajau People of Wakatobi

That’s why they are borderless and not identified from their nationality. As nomads, they live on their small wooden boat with their family, and barely go to the shore unless to sell their catch and to buy some supplies.

In this video, Wet Traveler visit one Bajau traditional village located in Hoga island. Hoga island is one of the islands of Wakatobi, a regency in south east Sulawesi.

When the Bajau live on an island they build their wooden houses literally above the sea, and connect their houses with small bridge that only fit for two person. The pole of the houses can be as hight as about 4 meter, the height that they believe is perfect during high tide, and not to high for them to reach the water using the ‘timba’ (bucket for water).

The bond between Bajau people and the ocean are so strong. They will feel sick if they have to live on land. Parents introduce the ocean to their babies from their early age. No wonder the ocean is their playground.

Our video during visiting the Bajau village at Wakatobi

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Bajau People of Wakatobi


#GoDiscover Sasando. Setelah berbulan-bulan, akhirnya Gemala berhasil juga menyelesaikan buku tentang Alor-nya. Ia lantas menyambangi Rote untuk surfing, sebagai self reward atas keberhasilannya. Buatnya, irama ombak di Rote memang sangat menyenangkan. Ombaknya tidak terlalu tinggi, tidak juga terlalu rendah. Pas untuk surfing santai sambil menikmati matahari. Tak hanya ombaknya, musik tradisional Rote yang berasal dari alat musik bernama Sasando juga menarik banget. Sayang, tidak banyak seniman Sasando yang bertahan di tengah derasnya era globalisasi, Gemala dan tim Wet Traveler berhasil menemui Jeremiah Pia, seorang seniman Sasando untuk belajar langsung proses pembuatan dan cara memainkan Sasando.

Wet Traveler – Simpati #GoDiscover Sasando

Hidup adalah perjuangan. Kadang berat, tapi kalau berhasil melaluinya maka reward yang akan kita dapat juga sangat menyenangkan. Seperti terlihat dalam episode Wet Traveler kali ini, simPATI bersama Gemala dan Pinneng mengajak kita untuk berjalan merambahi hutan, melalui jalan berlumpur dan banyak obstacle lain demi mencapai sebuah air terjun nan menawan yang terletak di tengah hutan. Kita bisa melihat perjuangan mereka melewati medan yang lumayan berat. Harus berhadapan dengan liarnya hutan Indonesia serta cuaca yang kurang bersahabat. Semangat #GoDiscover mendorong mereka untuk pantang menyerah dalam menemukan indahnya air terjun perawan, Lubuk Bigau.

simPATI – Wet Traveler Ep. 09 – #GoDiscover Lubuk Bigau

Episode kali ini, Gemala ngajak kita untuk #GoDiscover tempat surfing yang benar-benar berbeda. Bukan, surfing di internet lho! Melainkan di sebuah sungai bernama Kampar yang terletak di Kep. Riau. Di sini, Gemala juga berhasil ‘menunggangi ombak’ selama lebih dari 30 menit! Memecahkan rekor pribadinya yang biasanya sekitar 40 detik. Ayo #GoDiscover serunya, sambil cari tahu gimana ceritanya, ada ombak di sungai yang biasanya tenang!

simPATI – Wet Traveler Ep. 08 – #GoDiscover Bono

Di episode ini, Pinneng dan Gemala jalan-jalan ke Bali! Tepatnya Seraya, di bagian timur dan Balian di barat Bali. Keduanya punya misi yang berbeda. Kalau Pinneng ingin “bertemu” langsung sama Harlequinn Shrimp, Gemala ingin #GoDiscover ombak di Balian. Kira-kira kayak apa ya perjalanan mereka? #GoDiscover juga soal Harlequinn Shrimp, udang cantik yang namanya diambil dari tokoh dalam pementasan komedi.

simPATI – Wet Traveler Ep. 07 – #GoDiscover SERAYA